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General Saving Tips

  • Planning your wedding is the most important way to success.
  • List the order of planning events and the timeframe they should be take care of.
  • Save money with the catering asking about the children plates, less expensive than adult plates.
  • Arrange your wedding day other than a Saturday.
  • When buying a large quantity of any item such candles, etc. you should talk to the store manager and ask for discount.
  • Wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses custom made will save you great amount of money.
  • Renting a wedding gown will be another good idea to save.
  • Set up your wedding day for a "off season" month between October to April.
  • Make your guest list smaller
  • Try to hold your wedding and reception at the same location
  • Using flowers that are in season reduce costs
  • Hire a DJ than a live band
  • Get a Photography basic package
  • Consider going 15% over budget, there are always unexpected costs.
  • Limit alcohol, serve soda/punch and/or wine and/or beer only
  • Schedule your ceremony for mid-afternoon or in the evening after the dinner hour to reduce the amount of food.

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