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Choosing your Videographer

After viewing a quality wedding video, you will realize the importance of selecting an experienced professional videographer. Ask the following questions:

  • If a single videographer, is he full time or part time?
  • Is he shooting the video personally or will he be sending someone else
  • How many weddings have they done??
  • Can you view your sample of their work? (Ask for a complete wedding project video, not a 10 minute sample).
  • Do you have a back up videographer in case of illnes?
  • Can they produce a two-camera shoot?
  • Can they work well with the photographer?
  • What format do you use for production? Digital, DVCAM?
  • Do they offer DVD with menus and chapters?
  • DVD is the highest quality format of production today. For high quality DVD the bit rate should be 7 or higher.
  • Do they have various packages? and what is the hourly rate, should they require additional time.
  • Read the contract carefully, and ask questions.

Recommended Videographer: Monte Video Productions

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